Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halloweeeeeen :D


Halloween is coming up!!
How exciting!!

Looking over last year's highlights,
and I don't think this year could possibly be as good @_@

Here's the pumpkin that me and ryan created together!
It won the contest at the party of course ;)

And Ryan's pumpkin was awesome too!
Second place :3

Ahh! Good memories ^_^
But this year will be a wonderful one too :D

Here are some Halloween features for you to enjoy!
Not too late to get a little gift for yourself or others with the Halloween spirit :)



1. Doily Coasters by uncommon      2. Pumpkin cookies by cookierush
3. Pumpkin necklace by Evyy


P.S. If you post in the comments below, you will be in an automatic raffle for a very detailed critique for tomorrow ^_^ Good luck!


Twisted Beading said...

Oh my, love the "snowman" pumpkin! Too cool. Love this blog. Very entertaining.

Neon Canvas Studio said...

Twisted, hehe yeah! It's a killer snow man! eek! :3 And thanks!!

rosekraft said...

Trying again...
The cookies are too lovely to eat!

southwestskyjewelry said...

Very the baby pumpkins too!

Neon Canvas Studio said...

Rosekraft! Thank you so much! And I agree! They are too cute ^_^

Southwestsky: hehe thank you :) the baby pumpkins are so scared! Haha!

Neon Canvas Studio said...

Hey! I'm sorry I had to put thie critique post back a couple days! I will be putting it up a.s.a.p. :)

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