Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Home is Where the Heart is by vol25

I'm going to start a want list!
A list of things that I will DEFINITELY get my hands on...
...once I have the money.
Tehe :P

And the first item...

Home is Where Our Heart is

It's in green and beige! 
I don't know which is better!
But I want!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Alicia Almodovar - Head Shots !

Oh, I've been so bad.
I promise I will be getting that critique post up soon.
Sunday feels like its gonna be the day!

It's been a busy week!
Last night I took head shots for my marvelous friend, Alicia!

We had a hard time finding a place at first...
But it all worked out in the end when we hit the honey spot ;)
Old Fort Park

So, Alicia is using these for head shots
and I would LOVE to get your honest opinion!
I have many shoots to come :)

I LOVE the background in the image above!
But, for a head shot, is it too much background?
Also, i think might look nicer with a warmer over all color or feel.
Especially cause of her beautiful smile :)

This is my second favorite!!
I think the purple looks wonderful on her!!!
Main problem I see is the hair closest to the camera.
It's a bit blurry.
I was using a 55mm with a 1.8 aperture
to get the nice blurred background.
Is there away to avoid that in the front?

Last but DEFINITELY not least!
(My favorite)
Love her hair and the background in this!
And let me just say she has wonderful skin,
this is BARLEY edited!
I like the lightness of it, but is it over exposed?
Also, what about some color in the lips?
Just a light shade pinker...
Is that possible in photoshop?
How do i do it?

If you could leave your opinions in the comments below...
I would super duper appreciate it!!!
Thank you :D

Who's next?! ^_^

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halloweeeeeen :D


Halloween is coming up!!
How exciting!!

Looking over last year's highlights,
and I don't think this year could possibly be as good @_@

Here's the pumpkin that me and ryan created together!
It won the contest at the party of course ;)

And Ryan's pumpkin was awesome too!
Second place :3

Ahh! Good memories ^_^
But this year will be a wonderful one too :D

Here are some Halloween features for you to enjoy!
Not too late to get a little gift for yourself or others with the Halloween spirit :)



1. Doily Coasters by uncommon      2. Pumpkin cookies by cookierush
3. Pumpkin necklace by Evyy


P.S. If you post in the comments below, you will be in an automatic raffle for a very detailed critique for tomorrow ^_^ Good luck!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Productive Flourishing!

coupon organizer by iSew

Hello, again, to the blogging world!
I took a hiatus for a while, but now I'm back! With a brand new blog!
October! Watch out!

As well as a new facebook page !
And soon to be a never before owned website !!
So much to get accomplished ^_^

I wanted to start this new blog out with something completely helpful to YOU!
Not just you etsians out there...

Here is an article I think everyone should read.
It's about being productive for a change!
Especially if you are like me...
Busy, busy, busy, but never accomplishing anything @_@

And I am a planner person...
I like to visually see all my progress (or lack of, hah!)
So these free printable planners have been a great start out!
Not to mention they have a blogging planner! Sweet! :)

Seriously, check it out!
All it will do is help you!

In the meantime, enjoy the organizational items from etsy I featured ;D

I'm Back!

The soon to be more productive,
Felicia :)


1. planner by mylavendercottage          2. Business Card File Box by FreestyleGifts

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